Texas Country Artists Want to Know:

"Where In The World Is My Music Playing??"



Texas Country Airplay Worldwide is a service of the Texas Country Music Association that tracks the Texas Country single airplay on stations located not only in Texas (like on our Texas Country Music Chart) but the entire United States and World whose api stream is digitally monitored by our partner DigitalRadioTracker.com.   


To view a list of worldwide Country stations monitored for song tracking go DigitalRadioTracker.com to create your FREE account.  There you can order a tracking report for your song and find out "Where In The World Is My Music Playing?"  This is different than the tracking report on TexasCountryMusicChart.com which tracks songs on Texas Country stations only.  The Texas Country Airplay Worldwide tracking is available only through our partners at DigitalRadioTracker.com.  To order a WORLDWIDE report and view specific details on exact stations, locations and number of spins for each song, go to http://www.digitalradiotracker.com/tcma.  **Note tracking reports can be ordered for singles even if they are not on this Top 100 Texas Country Airplay Worldwide Chart.**


Tracking reports are compiled monthly and distributed on the 15th of each month via our massive distribution list of subscribers as well as through links on www.TexasCountryMusic.org, www.TexasCountryMusicChart.com and DigitalRadioTracker.com.

Texas Country Airplay Worldwide Chart